Sky Squadron Mission Report #2 – Character and Plane Customisation

Attention, Pilots!

We’ve collected your field reports and crunched the data, and our findings are ready to report. To recap the last test flight, here was what we were looking to learn.

  • Will players change the colour of their plane?
  • Will players change the look of their character?
  • How much will players engage with customisation?

The short version:

New players were less likely to use the customisation systems initially, but existing players were more likely to give it a go. Once someone started customising their plane or character, they spent a good amount of time trying out different options.

Character customisation was more popular than plane customisation, but very few people changed their character’s name.

The long version:       

Player Retention and Acquisition

The first set of data we looked at was how many new players we got on day of release compared to existing players.

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