Sky Squadron Mission Report #5 – Wingmen

At ease, pilots! You’ve done an another amazing job keeping the enemy at bay. Don’t get too full of yourselves, because you never would have done it without the help of your wingman.

Make sure to shout them a beer at the officer’s club!

Last update we saw the introduction of the new wingman system, where AI allies join the mission, assisting where they can, and occasionally needing a helping hand themselves.

What’s changed

  • Wingmen join the squad! Work together to fight back the enemy.
  • Fly the brand new Wisp! Sleek and agile, they’ll never be able to hit you.
  • New plane colours! Watermelon is so hot right now.
  • New mission intro and outro sequence!

The Short Version

The wingman system has integrated well with the rest of the game, but hasn’t caused a significant change in player behaviour. While the wingman system is still early in development it,  will give us the opportunity to add more characters, story and aircraft to the world.

The Long Version

General Performance (and boring numbers)

Every update we have a look at our leading metrics. These values show the health and growth of the game based on real player usage. With a limited sample size we need to take everything with a grain of salt, but it does give some hints at how the game is resonating with players.

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