Sky Squadron Mission Report #4 – Player Progression

Great to see you alive, Pilots! Your efforts have help the boffins make excellent advances in adding rewards and progression to Sky Squadron.

As a reminder, here is what changed in the last build:

  • A brand new mission system with new objectives
  • XP rewards and levelling up
  • Complete for infamy on the global leaderboard
  • Variable mission difficulty
  • A deadly new enemy attack – homing missiles
  • Floaty numbers!

The short version:

Players have been completing missions and levelling up. While we didn’t see as many people reach max level as we would have liked there was still enough to show us that players will level up, unlock new items, and use them. While people were keen to engage with levelling up, very few people bothered investigating the “Infamy” global leaderboard.

We saw plenty of people playing the new missions and some very positive feedback. Most interestingly we saw that by simply changing the kind of objective for a mission type, we can drastically alter the difficulty.

The long version:

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Sky Squadron Mission Report #3 – Core Combat

Listen up, Pilots!

The eggheads have finished running the analysis of the last mission, and we have some important details for you!

As a quick reminder, here are the features we added last update.

  • New things to shoot at
  • A new aiming system
  • Environmental collisions to avoid
  • Incoming damage feedback
  • Character and name randomisation

The short version:

We’ve had positive feedback on the new combat system. While we haven’t seen an increase in play time, the overall rating has gone up. Players seem to be understanding the system quickly, and shooting down enemy targets. Incoming damage is not being communicated clearly enough.

Average session length dropped slightly since last build. This is most likely because people aren’t toying with the customisation options, which increase the total play time in the last tests.

Mission are still too simple, which we are addressing in the next update.

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