Sky Squadron Mission Report #1 – Core Controls and Character Art

Listen up, Pilots!

Your first mission was a huge success. For those early few who have been brave enough to take control of our early gameplay prototypes, we salute you. Sky Squadron HQ is pleased to announce that we suffered no casualties during the first round of testing.

For those of you who are just joining us, we look forward to your daring contribution to future test missions!

The last mission had two objectives:
Test out the core third person control scheme
Gain important feedback on our character designs

Objective 1 – Core Gameplay Tests

In the last prototype, we gave players the opportunity to pick between two camera modes, Star Fox and Crimson Skies (chase mode). We wanted to test which gameplay camera players preferred, so looked at how many people picked one over the other, and rated which one the highest.

We saw that people favoured Star Fox over the chase camera, but not significantly so.


When looking at the star ratings of each control mode, things are even closer!


We had an even split between both modes, and people liked them about the same! This means we will most likely go for a camera mode that sits somewhere in between the two methods, where we have a bit of the Star Fox style freedom of movement around the screen, but still try to keep the camera centered on the plane if you move too far to the edge of the screen.

Objective 2 – Character Art Style tests

Last week we published a survey asking which art style people prefer from this list:


After running the survey for a week, we got these results:


We we pleasantly surprised to find that two choices stood out, 1 and 3, with 6 being the closest third place. This gives a very clear indication that we’re on the right track with 1 and 3, and will go forward with a style that sits somewhere comfortably between the two.

We’ve also had over 100 people sign up to join our test pilot program! It’s exciting to see so many people keen to help us make Sky Squadron an amazing game.

Next week’s update we’ll be exploring more character designs, looking at character customisation.

Remember you can join us on our discord at, and if you have any friends you think may like to join our rag-tag squadron of testers, tell them to sign up at

Pew pew,
Sky Squadron HQ

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